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Indomie Omelette

Indomie Omelette

Ingredients :

Indomie Mi Goreng

2 Eggs

Dash of milk

Tomato Sauce


Your favourite meat

Indomie Omelette

Cooking Instructions :

  1. Cook Indomie Mi Goreng as per instruction on the pack
  2. Cook the meat whichever way you choose
  3. Dice the onion, stir fry until golden brown
  4. Add the meat and onion into the noodles and put aside
  5. Mix the eggs and milk together and place into a good sized frypan
  6. Mix the eggs in the fry pan while moving them around to cover the bottom of the pan (makes eggs fluffier)
  7. Before egg is fully cooked, place the mixed noodles on top, on one side, then fold the egg over
  8. Plate it up, add a dash of tomato sauce and enjoy!

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